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Organisational Reporting

Direct reporting:

Commissioning Operations Manager

Indirect reporting:

  • Project Director
  • Project Quality Manager
  • Commissioning Package Manager

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  • Supply chain, Contract Management, Planning, Finance, Engineering, Services, Quality, Control Systems, Installation team, Site Manager, marine operations.


Offshore installation/commissioning subcontractors, Vessel companies, Tool suppliers, certification companies,Customer representative, Engineering firms, Logistic companies


  • Comply and implement and enforce within its area of EHS management policy. Work in the safest possible way for which it is necessary and priority setting thet one of this behaviour.
  • Encourage the involvement and participation of members in their area of responsibility, in making suggestions for improvements in order to avoid accidents.
  • Participate in the deployment and compliance with legal requirements and internal EHS.
  • Active participation in the development of courses and proposals for improvement to avoid incidents and accidents.
  • Educate and train in work procedures / instructions concerning them safe for their duties.
  • Carry out work according to the rules and procedures, avoiding any acts or omissions at work that might pose a danger or risk to its integrity or the people around them.
  • Cooperate and provide support in combating any emergency that arises.
  • Immediately report failures, deficiencies, or any situation detected and that may pose a risk to people and anything that might involve some uncontrolled risk.-Report any accident or incident is detected, helping as needed in the subsequent investigation of it.-Have ready and manage all the resource sand manpower required during the execution of the project.
  • Create tests and pre-commissioning strategy for projects, creating a detailed program of testing activities, communicate and agree with the rest of the Commissioning Team, Project managers, Engineering and Manufacturing leaders
  • Ensure that technical deviations are reported with a corresponding non-conformance report (NCR).
  • Revise the procedures for commissioning.
  • Prove guidance and support the technical team for any trouble of event which could hinder the continuation of the works or safe operation on site.
  • Proposal of process improvements in order to get highest level in Security and/or cost reduction.
  • Monitor KPI, reporting and schedule tests activities in order to ensure wind turbine delivery according to planning and budget
  • Plan and lead turbine components preservation to ensure the good operation of all systems after storage.
  • Support Offshore Commissioning Documentation Engineer to Collect technical data from engineering and develops guidance and structured processes to ensure nacelle & tower test and preservation associated
  • Informs the Project Quality Leader and Commissioning Manager about project roadblocks
  • Support for RFQ and selection of test and preservation supplier if any
  • Lead subcontractor for test and preservation
  • Proposal of process improvements in order to get highest level in EHS and quality
  • Follow applicable company safety standards and procedures
  • Develop internal team for test and preservation

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