Description du poste

Job summary:

South Korean wave energy technology developer INGINE is looking for an experienced R&D and Business Director to spearhead the development of its French subsidiary, which is planned to open in Q4 2021.

Key Responsibilities

Business Management/Business Development:

• Business Administration: overseeing the subsidiary’s business operations, financial performance, investments, and ventures.
• Personnel: supervising and managing subsidiary employees.
• Investor Relations: identifying and pursuing suitable partners for subsidiary investment in cooperation with Seoul headquarters.
• Partnerships: maintaining and developing multi-sector stakeholder relationships and partnerships: ocean energy and offshore sector industrial players, research institutes and universities, government authorities and agencies, civil society and non-governmental organizations.
• Project Coordination: developing and coordinating new and existing WEC projects in France, Europe, and in other locations – in collaboration with INGINE headquarters.

Research & Development:

• Developing, implementing and monitoring research and development plans for offshore wave energy technology development;
• Coordinating applications to local and international R&D support and funding programs;
• Collaborating with INGINE headquarters R&D Teams (remote);
• Exploring new scientific developments, technologies and approaches to the offshore and marine energy sectors.


Seniority and function:

• Executive level/Senior position;
• Managing the local subsidiary team (to be recruited);
• Reporting to INGINE Directors (Seoul headquarters).


Energy, Renewable Energy, Ocean Energy, Offshore Engineering, Maritime Engineering

Employment Type:


Salary and benefits:
• Salary: €90,000 (gross annual) and results-based bonuses.
• Benefits package to be defined with the successful applicant.

Modalités de candidature


Candidates may send their CV in English to INGINE’s Business Development Director, Mr. Dae Hyun KIM, as well as to the person in charge of recruitments, Mr. Dong Yun LEE, at the following email addresses: and