Description du poste

FEM is part of the European project DTOceanPlus « Advanced design tools for ocean energy systems innovation, development and deployment » (DTO+). This project develops and demonstrates a suite of 2nd generation of advanced design tools for the selection, development and deployment of ocean energy systems, aligning innovation and development processes with those used in mature engineering sectors. FEM is responsible for the development of three modules:
• Site Characterization: processing of environmental data
• Station Keeping: design of mooring systems and foundations of fixed and floating structures
• Environmental and Social Acceptance: environmental and socio-economic impact assessment
Within the FEM R&D department “MRE farm optimization”, the candidate will be part of the DTOceanPlus team at FEM and will contribute to the development activities of the three modules, with particular focus on the Station Keeping module. The main activities involve the following:
▪ Contribution to the development of the three DTO+ modules, with focus on the Station Keeping module
▪ Testing and debugging of the three DTO+ modules
▪ Identification, specification and implementation of further improvements of the three DTO+ modules, with focus on the Station Keeping module, by means of literature review and discussion with DTO+ industrial partners
▪ Active participation to the discussions with the technical partners of DTO+
▪ Writing of reports, technical notes, software user manual and documentation


Modalités de candidature

Type of contract : CDD (Contrat à Durée Déterminée)
Duration: 6 months
Starting date: from March 2020
Final date for applications: January 15th, 2021

Please send your CV and cover letter to the following electronic address: