Description du poste

Essential Responsibilities

  • First point of contact within offshore wind on all related questions and support for technical expertise in the area of wind data management, wind field modelling, wind turbine layout design, energy yield modelling and yield optimization with respect to LCOE;
  • Develop and manages a consistent approach throughout the offshore wind portfolio on calculations and methodologies. Ensure the right industry standard are applied;
  • Responsible to implement lessons learnt and strive for continuous improvement and implementation of innovations in energy yield and wake modelling assessments, including Further development and implementation of methods, models, processes and software solutions;
  • Understand commercial impact and contribute to LCOE tool developments in area of expertise;
  • Signing off (accountable) where required for the energy yield estimates that will go into the financial model;
  • Management, processing and provision of wind and metocean data (via data and acquisition management), as well as mathematical, statistical analysis and modelling (long-term wind climate, wind energy potential analysis, wind energy forecasting) for the purpose of yield modelling for projects using either commercial or in-house tools;
  • Evaluation of design concepts, technical solutions, inherent risks (in terms of wind yield, energy yield, modelling, uncertainty analysis) and review of third party reports;
  • Development and optimization of wind farm layout designs with focus on LCOE and maximization of yield, taking into account energy production, bottom-surface connections, anchoring, electrical network, etc.
  • Critical analyses of site data (wind; metocean; damping; etc..) to highlight uncertainties for AEP and loads calculations.
  • Continually enhance personal skill set in the field of wind resource assessment;
  • Develop technical skills in appropriate areas, for example: wind analysis; use of GIS for site design;
  • Develop communication and networking skills needed for business development in the global wind industry;
  • Review, application and further development of relevant regulations, standards and best practice, considering lessons learned and insights from R&D Projects and wpd’s portfolio.