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The present internship will focus on the floating system proposed in the WINDMOOR project [1], a European project led by SINTEF Ocean. The objective will be to apply different sizing method in order to evaluate design margins and cost reduction associated to these strategies.

The internship work will start by a review of the design rules and requirements for Floating Wind applications. In parallel, the candidate will learn the modelling tools used at EDF R&D for floating offshore wind turbine modelling: DIEGO. This is a aero-hydro-servo-elastic solver, able to capture wind and wave loads, floater motions, structural response, etc.

To get familiar with DIEGO, the WINDMOOR 12MW floating system described in [2] will be model. A comparison of the reference results will be performed in order to verify the floater model is correctly implemented. Then an upscale of the system to 15MW will be done following the WINDMOOR requirements, to define a 15MW base case for the internship work.

From this 15MW base case, several attempts to optimize the floater size will be made. The first option will be to test several stability requirements: 3 stability strategies will be applied to define new floater designs. For each design, a list of Design Load Cases (DLC) will be run to estimate the level of motions and the dynamic stability of the floater.

Once these different strategies are explored, 2 other technical way of reducing the floater mass will be investigated:
– Operating at a higher tilt than the one chosen in the WINDMOOR project, which is a possible option to reduce the stability demand but can impact the power production
– Using an active ballast strategy, which is another option to reduce the stability demand with possible effects on the system reliability.

This will lead to 2 additional designs. The various designs obtained will then be evaluated technically and economically, in order to quantify the potential gains and risks associated to the different strategies evaluated.

[1] :
[2] : Definition of the INO WINDMOOR 12MW base case floating wind turbine, C.E Silva de Souza (2021)

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