Description du poste

The postdoctoral fellow will carry out the following activities:
Review the literature on dune physical modelling and livebed scour experiments;

Conduct flume experiments on dune equilibrium morphology and dynamics under unidirectional currents, tidal currents and wavecurrent interactions;

Conduct flume experiments on livebed scour processes around a cylindrical pile under current and regular waves/current interactions;

Perform the processing and analysis of the experimental data (bed morphology, transport, stress gauges, hydrodynamics)

Participate to the writing of reports and scientific publications, and presentation of the results to meetings, workshops and conferences.

A twin postdoc position will be opened at Caen university (M2C lab.), focussing on dune development and scouring around monopiles under unidirectional currents and wavecurrent interactions. The position offered here in Le Havre will focus on tidal currents and regular wavescurrent interactions.
The two postdoctoral fellows are expected to work closely and to maintain a high level of interactions.

Modalités de candidature

Please send a CV, a letter of interest (up to one page long), master’s level transcript with marks and the names of two potential referees, to Armelle Jarno ( and François Marin (