Specific skills in the MRE field

ALTI-services company specializing in rope work with mountaineering techniques. To access your hard yards, where the collective security can not be established, we offer access with mountaineering techniques solutions respecting texts and rules guaranteeing controlled security Art and strengthened. All our rope access technicians from the building environment and industry, are trained and certified in rope work (CQP, CATS, IRATI). For each of our focus areas, our team leaders are trained or certified: welding, magnetic particle inspection and dye penetrant, EPI control, N1, electricity, CACES, ACQPA, etc.

Economic indicators and the willingness of European countries to secure green energy is pushing Alti-services to offer new services in the offshore world.  Our installation in Aberdeen marks a step towards our offshore wind turbine activities. Alti-services now offers services dedicated to installation and maintenance on offshore wind farms. We have invested over the past year in the upgrading of our staff’s skills and we have built up working methods with our Scottish partner. We are creating a real pole of competences with the experience of a group and the know-how of our partner OUI Limited who is working on the Moray east offshore wind farm.

Test facilities applicable to MRE

  • Paint
  • Installation of metal structures, ducts, piping
  • cabling
  • welding
  • Measurement and control, report photographic

Projects in MRE

  • Working on the Moray east offshore wind farm