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the gateway for stakeholders to the Research, Education and Innovation network in Pays de la Loire, French region

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WEAMEC draws up a synthesis report of the issues in the sector throughout the year

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What is WEAMEC ?

The WEAMEC (for West Atlantic Marine Energy Community) federates the Marine Renewable Energy ecosystem of “Pays de la Loire” French Region in the fields of Research, Education and Innovation activities. WEAMEC and its partners have a Research & Innovation roadmap.
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The WEAMEC brings together around thirty institutions and research laboratories (such as Centrale Nantes, Nantes University, “Jules Verne Research Institute”, EMC2 cluster…) and more than 70 partner companies at the regional level. More than 100 companies at the French and international level collaborate with the academic and industrial stakeholders of WEAMEC.

The skills of these stakeholders, coupled with structuring testing facilities, has led to over 500 Regional, National and European projects for a portfolio of more than 100 M€ for the regional stakeholders over the [2015-2020] period. Amongst the academic partners more than 300 engineers and researchers are involved in research corresponding to 175 full-time equivalent positions.

WEAMEC is financed by the Pays de la Loire region, the Europe (FEDER), the CARENE and Nantes Métropole.


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