Specific skills in the MRE field

Local authorities are developing strategies increasingly focused on the maritime domain (Regional Sea and Coastal Assembly, Sea and Coast challenges of Loire Atlantique, Sea reflection of Vendée, strategy of the Nantes Metropole, Carène and Cap Atlantique … ).

This rise in power throughout the region confirms Atlanpole’s mission. The technopole hosts a new resource dedicated to maritime topics and also hosts the regional sector of France Marine Energy.

The sea is a source of sustainable economic development around port activities, safety, security, bioresources, coastal development, naval, water sports, and MRE is more than ever a major strength of Atlanpole.

Products or services in MRE

For any project, before creation, Atlantpole offers you:

  • Technical, legal, commercial, marketing, financial, managerial and organizational engineering.
  • Expertise in valorization (academic projects), Negotiation with the supervisory authorities, definition of the best scenario for valorization of the research works, link with the SATT (Société d’Accélération du Transfert de Technologies)

Projects in MRE

Example of project accompanied by Atlanpole: A2V boat

With the ability to sail at more than 50 knots with a load of 1.5 tons in a wind of Force 5, while maintaining a margin of power on its two outboard engines, each of 200 hp, the boat A2V offers excellent stability as well as a totally new feeling of security and comfort for a boat of this size.