Specific skills in the MRE field

Land and offshore wind farm projects face many challenges throughout the life cycle. Indeed, the constructions are complex and each site has its own specificities. The certification of your project by a globally recognized entity ensures that you meet the specific regulatory requirements. Whether your company is a wind farm operator, a designer, or a wind turbine manufacturer, Bureau Veritas offers a wide range of personalized services.

Bureau Veritas Certification France: 4th qualified organization in the wind energy field by the IECRE.

In early January 2017, Bureau Veritas Certification France was officially qualified by the IECRE as a certification body for the wind power sector, and can now issue IECRE certificates of type in the wind energy field, ensuring automatic recognition of these certificates by all stakeholders.

Whether you are an operator, designer or manufacturer, Bureau Veritas offers a wide range of services in the field of EMR for:

  • classify your vessels and floating units,
  • check and contribute to the quality of your project design,
  • certify types of wind turbines, your projects and components,
  • mastering the supply chain and the quality of the fabrications,
  • improve the quality of construction and site safety,
  • monitor and monitor the condition of the parks, check that equipment and installations are in conformity

Products or services in MRE

Bureau Veritas Certification offers several services:

  • Studies in the design phase: Bureau Veritas offers an independent third party service to assist you in controlling risks and ensuring the reliability of your wind farm projects.
    Our services help you in the design phase to optimize the project. All data are taken into account and analyzed in the project.
  • Type Certification: The purpose of type certification is to verify that a type or model of wind turbine (or wind turbine component) is designed, documented and manufactured in accordance with design assumptions, specific standards and other technical requirements.
  • Project Certification: The purpose of Project Certification is to ensure that the entire project (including wind turbines, foundations, structures and fleet-specific equipment) is in compliance with external conditions, applicable codes, and other requirements relevant to a specific site. It promotes a quality approach, while identifying and minimizing risks and thus protecting investments.
  • Assessment of the supply chain quality: The Bureau Veritas network is based on a unique network of local and international locations. In order to control the supply chain and ensure quality during the supply phase, our experts visit and inspect wind turbine manufacturers, supervise and inspect the production of parts and carry out verifications during assembly. .
  • Inspection of wind farms under construction: Once the manufacturing phase is complete, the construction and commissioning phase begins. The objective of this phase is to ensure that the quality and safety of projects are maintained, from the start of the parts of their manufacturing site to their installation within the planned deadlines. We check the relevance and completeness of the instructions given by the manufacturer and their correct application when putting the machines into service.
  • Operational safety: Once the construction of your wind farm is complete, the operational phase begins and Bureau Veritas continues to accompany you on your project. We provide services to assess the compliance of your facilities with applicable regulations. Our team ensures that the condition of the wind farm is maintained over time and that the certification of the project remains valid.
  • State of play of wind farms: Bureau Veritas Due Diligence services support owners and investors in their acquisition projects, and in any transactions involving a change of ownership.

Projects in MRE

Involved in  SubSEAmon project.

Training in the MRE field

Involved as a trainer in the module “Certification of wind turbine foundations” of WEAMEC continuous training.