Specific skills in the MRE field

EISIS wishes to bring its European project evaluation expertise to the topics of facility management and marine renewable energy control systems (inspection and maintenance, control, health monitoring, automation and robotic, fault management, etc.), taking into account the energy storage means, the impact on the infrastructure and on the electricity network.

EISIS aims for the period 2018 – 2020, and the coming years with Horizon Europe 2021 – 2027, to support SMEs and large groups in the elaboration of project proposals under the H2020 program for calls relating to H2020 SME (phase 1 and phase 2) and FTI (Fast Track to Innovation – IA Innovation Action).

EISIS also works on R & D topics and bring support on collaborative projects IA (Innovation Action) and RIA (Research Innovation Action) with the help of academic partners.…

Test facilities applicable to MRE

EISIS does not have testing facilities, but can undertake assessments through simulation and construction of data models (ontologies, UML) to strengthen the knowledge base needed for IT applications.

Products or services in MRE

With the support of BPI France, EISIS is able to present an adapted offer for H2020 PME and FTI (Fast Track to Innovation) instruments.

An important emphasis is placed on the “Impact” criterion of the proposals which requires the elaboration of an ambitious, realistic and convincing Business Plan in a European and / or global perspective, with the market analysis and the state of the competition.

Through a methodology developed by the actors of H2020 (European Commission and selected actors like BPI France, National Contact Points, etc.), EISIS takes the main tools to implement its offerings. EISIS also relies on evaluation expertise of more than 200 projects covering the fields of energy, electronics, automation, robotics, ICT, IoT, etc., in the terrestrial and maritime environments.

Projects in MRE

EISIS did not directly participate in an EMR project, but as part of EMRA 2018 http://emra-18.marinerobotics.eu/ held at the University of Limerick – Ireland, many contacts were made with potential partners for future extensions.

Training in the MRE field

The training results from an evaluation of many European projects in the field of EMR including projects on offshore wind turbines, control systems and electronic energy management systems, storage facilities and integration projects with the Smart Grid.