Specific skills in the MRE field

The offshore energy and infrastructure sector (oil & gas, wind, underwater telecommunications) implements a range of production and monitoring resources operating under harsh and even extreme conditions: turbid waters, congested environments, pressure and extreme temperatures, requirements security of operations in contact with infrastructure.

These conditions constitute strong constraints for the deployment of underwater vehicles (ROV and AUV) and infrastructures characterization equipment.

With its unique ability to detect 360 ° and characterize any type of object (insulation and conductor) in water and sediments, ELWAVE brings innovative solutions for offshore industry players.

Products or services in MRE

Based on simple, robust and low energy-consuming instrumentation, ELWAVE systems provide the solution for many unmet customer needs such as:

  • Detection and tracking of buried cables and pipelines
  • 360 ° obstacle detection and navigation for ROV / AUV
  • Surveillance and monitoring of remote contactless infrastructures (corrosion, leak detection, vibration measurements …)