Specific skills in the MRE field

Electrical Expertise:

• Integration studies of renewable production in electricity networks
• Modeling of the behavior of complex HV/MV electrical networks
• Implementation of IEC 61850 for the interoperability of protection and control applications
• Expertise in control/command systems in isolated sites
• Design of electrical substations in constrained environments (Gas Insulated Substatio)
• Direct design in digital model (BIM)
• Multi-energy integration (power-to-gas)

Projects in MRE

We are carrying out pre-project studies to design 33 kV/90 kV and 33 kV/225 kV metal-enclosed transformer stations intended to be submerged for tidal turbine farms’ offshore connection power of 500 MW.
• Multiple compact equipment options with a high level of availability and which can operate entirely remotely
• Establishment of the architectures and calculation notes
• Advice and expertise for the client to choose strategic equipment