Specific skills in the MRE field

The marine renewable energies sector is a sector in full development that requires a permanent investment in terms of research and innovation. The Bouhyer Group is able to meet this challenge with builders and designers, and bring its know-how and mastery of metalworking. The Design Office is working on the design of ballast and anchors for offshore wind turbines and wind turbines and thus contributes to the technological evolution of the sector and its development.

The counterweights can also take on the role of a keel stabilizing wind for floating energy devices. Their strength and quality of manufacture are a guarantee for long-term use.

Products or services in MRE

Whatever the technology of offshore wind turbine, spar buoy, semi-submersible or TLP (Tension Leg Platform) cast iron weights are an optimal technical solution thanks to the adaptability of the cast iron.
Its metallurgical characteristics give it a durability 5 times greater than steel in marine environment, and make it one of the most economical solutions of the market.