Specific skills in the MRE field

industrial success

  • Pays de la Loire, the new marine economy
  • Leading industrial players
  • One third of the offshore wind power in France
  • Mastery of the region’s MRE supply chain

strong political will

  • Committed regional actors
  • International influence
  • Advanced manufacturing serving MREs

Dedicated infrastructure

  • SEM-REV, the leading France operational multi-technology sea test site
  • Carnet, a precursor test site for offshore wind power
  • Unique experimental facilities and locations
  • Powerful maritime and port infrastructures
  • Collaborative technology platforms

a unique r&d and innovation focus in france

  • Ecosystem of excellence: WEAMEC
  • Internationally renowed research teams
  • Private and industry led R&D
  • Unique testing facilities in France

talents trained in line with actual needs

  • Academic excellence
  • Multi-industry advanced training
  • Dedicated continuing education

a region connected to europe

Products or services in MRE

The Region supports companies in the sector in their development and innovation projects in Pays de la Loire:

  • information on public devices,
  • promotion of the regional sector on international exhibitions,
  • help to find European funding,
  • attractiveness of the territory to foreign investors,
  • national and European lobbying,
  • communication actions on the know-how and news of the sector.

The Region Pays de la Loire is also one of WEAMEC’s support.