Specific skills in the MRE field

Garos sensors is a specialist of custom force / torque sensors in marine environment.

Products or services in MRE

Instrumentation examples

  • Wind turbine blade instrumentation (deformation, torque on mainshaft)
  • Torque measurment of main shaft of electric generator
  • Instrumentation of tidal turbine
  • Submersible instrumentation

Mooring loads

  • Specific designs
  • Shaft dynamometer, compression sensor,…
  • Measurement range above 25 MN
  • Collaboration with SBM, Technip, Total…

Tightening strengh

  • Instrumented bolts and screws (special or standard shapes)
  • Assembly force
  • Monitoring during torquing and during life cycle


  • Range : 5N to 30 000 kN
  • Submersible : up to 100kN & 14 500 psi
  • Single or double measurement span and dual or triple channel