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  • GE Renewable Energy has announced the development Haliade*-X, the most powerful offshore wind turbine.
  • GE is the only offshore wind turbine supplier to have projects in Europe, Asia and the Americas… GE supplied America’s first offshore wind farm ever (Block Island) with 5 Haliade* 150-6MW.
  • GE are currently installing 66 Haliade* 150-6MW wind turbines at the North Sea (Merkur), one of the largest offshore wind farms in Germany.

Products or services in MRE


  • GE Renewable Energy is developing Haliade*-X 12 MW with 220-meter rotor, the most powerful offshore wind turbine in the world, which reduces the wind farm CAPEX and OPEX/MWh and maxims energy production
  • Haliade*-X 12 MW offers 63% capacity factor, five to seven points above industry standard, and thus achieves higher energy production and efficiency
  • One Haliade-X 12 MW can generate 67 GWh annually, which is 45% more annual energy production (AEP) than most powerful machines on the market today, and twice as much as the Haliade 150-6MW and can generate enough clean power to supply 16,000 households


  • Haliade* 150-6MW, a high yield offshore wind turbine developed for all offshore conditions and compatible with fixed-bottom and floating foundations
  • Digital wind farm has been integrated, validated and continuous enhanced for improved fleet excellence, asset performance management & optimized operations
  • Floating wind technology turns GE’s Haliade* into a more flexible product that can go deeper into the ocean (over 50 meters), opening up to more area

GE’s Offshore business offers a range of flexible service packages and aims for an optimum performance of the wind farm throughout its lifecycle.That means aiming for the optimum energy yield through reliable and continuous service to meet our customers’ expectations, while operating within the guidelines set by GE’s own Quality System certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and under the company’s scheme for prevention of accidents in the workplace.

Projects in MRE

  • Block Island, USA: 5 x Haliade* 150-6MW – 30MW total (COD: 2016)
  • Fujian Xinghua Gulf, China: 3 x Haliade* 150-6MW – 18MW total (COD: 2018)
  • Merkur, Germany: 66 x Haliade* 150-6MW – 396MW total (COD: 2018)
  • 3 French Offshore wind Farm : Guérande, Fécamp and Courseulles.