Specific skills in the MRE field

Geps Techno develop and design innovative solutions to harvest marine energy, for :

  • offshore energy autonomy,
  • floating structures,
  • ship stabilisation.

Products or services in MRE

Products developed by Geps Techno

  • SIRE®, stabilisation for ship and marine platform: SIRE® is a passive ship stabilisation system that reduces the ship roll in all sea conditions. Its efficiency is based on a simple but powerful principle widely demonstrated.
  • GSIRE: The GSIRE application is a SIRE type passive anti-roll stabilisation system integrating water turbines to recover stabilisation power from the water load in motion.As an addition to its primary function of stabilizing the ship, GSIRE® offers you a new source of energy by collecting ship stabilisation power and thus allows vessels equipped with passive anti-roll stabilizers to reduce their fuel consumption.
  • OCTOPUSEA® monitoring buoy, the energy which opens perpectives: Following PMH R&D program, the application of GEPS Techno wave technology to the marine equipment electricity supply (monitoring buoy, working offshore platform …) allows them to benefit from a green, reliable and low cost energy source.
  • WAVEPEARL®: As a direct product from our research programs PMH and IHES, the stabilised buoy WAVEPEARL® generates its electricity from GSIRE® stabilisation systems integrated into its hull.

TECHNOLOGIES developed by Geps Techno

  • PMH: PMH program has validated the wave energy conversion technology by correlating experimental results in real conditions (on both a power buoy and a ship) with tank tests results with a prototype of wave power buoy in scale 1: 4 and with results of a numerical model.
  • PH4S: PH4S is the first marine hybrid prototype being tested at sea, it is also a step forward towards the MLiner. The main objective of PH4S program is to demonstrate the feasibility of the combination of sources and reduction of electricity generation intermittency versus a single source solution..
  • IHES: Based on the PMH project results that demonstrated the WEC technology low power range, the IHES project is going to optimize system performances in platform stabilisation and to increase the power to about 100 kW.
  • MLINER: This multi MW marine hybrid platform produces electrical energy from several sources of energy and can put it on an isolated electrical grid or power large offshore facilities. This concept was imaginated after a simple yet revolutionary conclusion compared to the generally observed approach in the field of Marine Renewable Energy: the most suitable structure for marine use is a ship, principle demonstrated for over two thousand years.