Specific skills in the MRE field

  • Oceanography and Meteorology consultancy services
  • Development of the innovative tools dedicated to the forecast of the ocean and wind energy production, and to the optimization of the production performance monitoring

Products or services in MRE

  • Oceanography and meteorology consultancy services in the field of statistical analysis and data mining, EMR and wind resource assessment, optimization of the energy production in the climate change context and environmental studies.
  • IEGVA (INNO’ENERGY Global Visualizer and Analysis) software which provides key data about the meteorological and marine conditions anywhere on earth, and evaluates the potential and predictability of the ocean (EMR) and wind energy resource.
  • IEFOM (INNO’ENERGY Forecast, Operation & Maintenance) platform which is dedicated to the short-term (24H-72H) forecast of the wind energy production, to the underproduction surveillance and to the optimization of the O&M planning.