Specific skills in the MRE field

The company has the particularity of developing its expertise in two key and complementary activities in underwater robotics:

  • System engineering: ensures Kopadia the means to design underwater robotic systems that fully meet the customer’s needs. The globality of this engineering expertise covers the entire value chain: from the understanding of the problem to the definition of the need and the design of the system with the integration of sensors, the definition of the operational model and the means of implementation. This approach ensures that Kopadia’s customers are guaranteed a solution that fully meets their needs for improved operational and financial efficiency and better control of business risks,
  • Subsea inspection: ensures Kopadia the implementation of its operational solutions adapted to the inspection of submarine cables and pipelines. Based on the collaborative and autonomous use of submarine UAVs, Kopadia develops inspection offers that are part of the maintenance processes of offshore O&G and EMR facilities and more generally for the inspection of submarine cables and pipelines used for energy transmission. This activity within the company feeds its Engineering expertise into operational expertise.

Test facilities applicable to MRE

  • Swarm of AUV
  • LBL et USBL acoustic positioning
  • Acoustic communication
  • Flexible, Rapid and Efficient mobilization

Products or services in MRE

The underwater acquisition service is always adapted to our client needs:

  • Sensor integrations, qualification and validation tests
  • Underwater robotic and operating system engineering
  • Efficient survey design
  • Underwater inspection
  • 4D Inspection survey