Specific skills in the MRE field

Meltemus develop and maintain qtVlm, a Navigation and Weather Routing software used mainly in sailing navigation and races.

Concerning MRE, qtVlm can be used to estimate the production of a wind turbine (fixed, floating or even moving), using meteorological data. It could also for instance be used to calculate the energy production for a solar panel installation, using also cloud cover data.

Products or services in MRE

qtVlm Routes and Routing module can be adapted to optimize a navigation path based on these calculations, such as a capacity factor in a given time. Formulas can be defined at user level and can take as input all meteorological data available (Winds, Currents, Waves, Pressure, Clouds cover, Rain, CAPE, etc.), plus platform characteristics defined by polars and parameters. The calculation of these values is made at each route’s steps (generally at 5 minutes interval) and can be produced for a fixed or a moving position. qtVlm can also use historical data, for instance to evaluate a project’s feasibility.

Projects in MRE

We are involved in WEREVER-OPTIROUTE project, where qtVlm is being adapted to compute and optimize the capacity factor for an energy ship producing hydrogen in high seas.

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