Specific skills in the MRE field

The mission of Nantes Métropole: to support the development and structuring of the sector

  • Support for unifying programs(RFI WEAMEC), clusters and competitiveness clusters (Neopolia, EMC2, PMBA …), major structuring projects (Jules Verne IRT and its Technocampus, Grand Port Logistics Hub), tests facilities  (Wave tanks of Centrale Nantes …).
  • The financing of support structures for start-ups and companies: Atlanpole (incubator of start-ups resulting from research), Nantes St Nazaire development (for the attractiveness of the territory strategy and the prospection of exogenous companies), the Grand Port (economic player of the industry.)
  • The metropolitan supply of business services (real estate and land, see the Nantes Businesses website “in my pocket”) Support for the training (ESR via Nantes campus) and GPEC thinking alongside the Region and local authorities (Skills 2020).
  • Participation in international conference and scientific events (Assises of the Sea, Seanergy, OEE, EWTEC, 21IDMER, Sea XXL, FWP …)

The métropole is also one of WEAMEC’s support.