Specific skills in the MRE field

Naval Energies is a world leader in marine renewable energies (MRE) providing turnkey power generation systems.

Present throughout the lifecycle of products, Naval Energies controls the whole value chain, from design phases through production, installation and connection to maintenance, in keeping with the marine environment. Its expertise is particularly based on the historic know-how of Naval Group group, specialist in the production of complex systems intended for the marine and coastal environment.

Development is nowadays structured around three marine renewable energies technologies: tidal turbines, floating offshore wind turbines, ocean thermal energy conversion.

Products or services in MRE

Tidal turbine

Naval Energies, through its subsidiary OpenHydro, proposes a turnkey and variable-geometry tidal-turbine farm offering. Its Open Centre turbine, specifically designed for simplified installation and operation, integrates its own patented control system and deployment and maintenance methods.

Ocean thermal energy conversion

Naval Energies intervenes both as a system engineering leader and sub-system engineering leader at multiple levels in the OTEC field: from the design of thermal exchangers (condensers and evaporators) to the construction of complete onshore OTEC systems, with the possibility of associating co-products such as desalination, ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) and SWAC (Sea Water Air Conditioning), in association with other industrial partners.

Floating wind turbines

Capitalising on its knowledge of the marine environment, an essential aspect the development of this technology, Naval Energies aims to play a key role on the floating wind turbine market.