Specific skills in the MRE field

The company intervenes in the design / design / permitting phase to integrate the issues of safety / health and HSEQ management on behalf of EMR projects industrials.

The company integrates risk issues (occupational safety / health, plant safety), regulatory requirements and HSEQ management (ISO 45001, ISO 26000, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001) in the design / permitting / construction / operation and maintenance phases.

Products or services in MRE

  • HSE technical assistance
  • HSEQ Audits
  • Regulations
  • HSE studies
  • H&S consulting
  • HSE Training

Projects in MRE

Services with offshore energy industrials, fixed and floating

Training in the MRE field

  • Integration of safety / health issues into MRE projects
  • HSE Regulation
  • HSEQ management in MRE projects
  • Implementation of an ISO 26000 (sustainable development) approach in MRE projects
  • Implementation of ISO 45001 (Safety / Health) in MRE projects