Specific skills in the MRE field

Acoustic and bioacoustic impact study

Noise is a major concern in managing the impact of human activities on the marine environment and its wildlife. The complexity of the underwater sound environment is due in particular to the sound chorus that composes it, a mixture of acoustic sources of biological, natural and anthropic origin. In order to evaluate the impacts of noise related to human activities (industries, recreational activities, maritime traffic, underwater works, etc.) on the sound environment and marine fauna NEREIS develop unique and specific software to highlight the acoustic spectrum in thin band of a sound source. These software allow a precise classification of sound sources. Combined with their expertise and databases, NEREIS is enable to characterize potentially impacting noise sources and propose targeted mitigation measures.

Radiated noise impact study

The control of noise radiated by ships and industrial structures is an issue for determining the noise impact of human activity at sea. Whether for the knowledge and the follow-up of the acoustic signature of rotating machines, or for the evaluation of the potential impact on the marine environment, we carry out acoustic diagnostics of radiated noise from ships or offshore installations. These diagnoses include spectral and audio analysis for each phase of activity. To carry out these diagnoses, NEREIS Environnement offers an innovative software and hardware solution which makes it possible to precisely establish the frequency signature of sound sources.

Fisheries Impact Study

Coastal or offshore developments may have an impact on underwater fauna, including species of commercial interest. We evaluate the impact of the projects on the marine resource and on the socio-economic activities related to this resource (fishing, aquaculture, valorisation, etc.). With their experience, knowledge of the environment and professional sectors, NEREIS defines objectives proportional to the issues in order to there through a systemic approach.

Products or services in MRE

  • Acoustic and bioacoustic impact study of the development of Anse Saint-Marc for Atlantic Port La Rochelle
  • Acoustic impact study as part of the Ouistreham port reorganization and development project for Ports Normands Associés
  • Sound diagnosis of radiated noise from a coastal fishing vessel for TOMZOE Armament.
  • Sound diagnosis of radiated noise from a fishing vessel of the future for Breizh Marine Expertise.
  • Impact study on the connection of the Saint-Brieuc wind farm to the fish resource for RTE (subcontracted by CREOCEAN)
  • Fisheries resource monitoring at the Banc de Guérande offshore wind farm for EOLIEN MARITIME FRANCE (subcontracted by CREOCEAN)

Projects in MRE

Acoustics of the SEA (SEAc) :

Demonstrator, which aims to characterize underwater ambient noise

This project to monitor the environment of a Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) production site required that an autonomous tool for recording underwater sounds and storing data at sea be installed. Specific spectral analysis modules and detection algorithms will be used to characterize the ambient noise by classifying its various components.

An innovative demonstrator, including a standalone acoustic recorder from the manufacturer OSEAN, and 3 acoustic recorders were installed on the SEM-REV sea site. The conditions at sea were ideal ensuring a smooth installation.


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