Specific skills in the MRE field

In the filed of Marine Renewable Energy comprises the development of technologies and the control and exploitation of the natural flows of energy provided by the seas and the oceans and involves 3 categories of energy sources under development in Europe: Energy from the ocean swell and the waves (wave energy converter), energy from ocean currents (tidal power…) and energy from the morning winds (fixed and floating wind turbines…)

Lines of development:

  • MRE and power plants
  • Connection to the network
  • Production machines

Products or services in MRE

4 phases to develop innovative products and processes

S2E2 encourages and supports collaborative R&D projects and technological platforms, associating companies, research centres and training organisations. This collaborative approach enables, among other things, the protagonists to share the costs linked to R&D.

Labelling by the Scientific Council of collaborative R&D projects and technological platforms often proves decisive in obtaining national and European funding.