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Logistys XXL: Optimizing exceptional transport FOR EXEMPLE FOR MRE TECHNOLY

Productys as created a preventive complete solution of conflicts related to transportation XXL on a common territory. First effective implementation for all stakeholders in the basin of Saint Nazaire.

The goal is to enable a unified interface to declare its traffic ahead and thus coordinate with other actors to avoid any conflict of movement. Two exceptional transport can not cross on the same section of road. During the actual departure of the convoy, all concerned are alerted in case of conflict last minute (delay of actors, availability of infrastructure etc.) that threatens the proper routing. Ditto for port infrastructure, sea lanes.

This collaborative solution is to allow everyone to organize transport and to optimize its resources, including loading and unloading, with control of the time of arrival (ETA) adjusted in real time. The potential productivity gains for each actor guarantee the profitability of the investment or service subscription. None required specific infrastructure.

Productys created this complete collaborative solution with the help of its Industry and logistics partners, BPI and the Region Pays de la Loire, the support of the Carene (local community), the Grand Port of Nantes-SN and CCI Nantes- SN.

Products or services in MRE

The “Logistys” solution allows you to:

  • To declare
    I declare all my Parcel, Transport Means, Templates, Routes, and then create my online movements Orders on Logistys Manager application
  • To Assess
    I value my transportation within seconds on collaborative forecasting traffic in order to remove any potential conflict before validation
  • To perform
    My carrier said on his departure with his Logistys Mobile Smartphone (iOS, Android, Winphone) information and its possible stops
  • To follow
    I manage Real Time advance / delay all my traffic and am alerted as my carrier of any hazard that could disrupt my business