Specific skills in the MRE field

Our company is fully integrated and covers all phases, from Sales and marketing, all the way to the installation worldwide:


  • Design of Electrical & Optical connectors for offshore and subsea Environment
  • Modelling and Finite element analysis of Thermal and Electrical behaviour of Electrical systems
  • Mechanical calculations
  • Material selection for marine & subsea environment

Manufacturing & Fabrication

  • Machining of Corrosion Resistant Alloys (CRAs)
  • Injection & Compression moulding
  • Liquid Silicon Rubber moulding
  • Thermal Treatments
  • Assembly of large Electrical Harnesses

Testing of Electrical Connectors and assemblies.

Worldwide training and installation support.

Test facilities applicable to MRE

A world -class testing facility at your service:

  • 8 generators: HVAC Testing up to 200kV and up to 2,000A- 200Hz per IEC 60270, 61238-1, 61442
  • 11 pressure vessels:
    • Combined Pressure (0-2,500bar) and Temperature (-20° to 200°C)
    • Up to 900mm ID
    • Up to 62m long
    • Simulated Seawater testing to 5,000meters, including wet-mate tests.
  • Salt-spray, mechanical and material testing.

Products or services in MRE

Engineering services for development of new products, or adaptation and integration of existing product to a specific application

Electrical and Optical Connectors, up to 145kV

Installation Services Worldwide

Projects in MRE

SCM worked with several partners and on several projects related to MRE:

  • Hammerfest Strom Project with Andritz hydro
  • Pelamis gen2 HV connection system
  • Tidal Turbine w/ SHOSHIN Corporation
  • Minesto Tidal kite