Specific skills in the MRE field

YS Energies Marines Developpement is a skills coordinator and an investment projects manager.

Its specific skills cover:

  • Prospecting in France and internationally, on TEC & WEC energies.
  • Multi-projects management – France and International
  • Local consultation and participative co-development of projects
  • The structuring of financing adapted to each level of the projects
  • Investment in approaches for the measurement campaigns
  • Management and monitoring of administrative and technical/legal procedures to obtain the necessary authorizations
  • Coordination of multi-disciplinary scientific and technical studies
  • Management of construction, maintenance, warranty/insurances, and other contracts
  • Design, studies, negotiations, and procedures for the electrical connections of the installations and the PPAs or electricity sales contracts.

Test facilities applicable to MRE

YS Energies Marines Developpement does not have specific test facilities, but may enter into data sharing or parallel testing agreements for its development sites, as appropriate and after formal agreement between the Parties.

Products or services in MRE

YS Energies Marines Developpement enables the maturation of commercial tidal and wave projects.

It allows companies and citizens in coastal areas to benefit from sustainable and local electricity in a short circuit which reinforces the often fragile electrical grid in these regions, while boosting the local economy around the monitoring, maintenance and recycling of materials related to the operation of marine facilities.

Training in the MRE field

  • Popularizations of the MRE for the large public
  • Public information on MRE projects
  • The ways to set up participative MRE projects, with their particularities