More than ever, climate changes urge us to take actions. The maritime industry can realise its transition and even develop new activities that will respect and protect the environment. Investments are needed, obviously, they will worth it. New concepts and engineering solutions are needed as well, and we will have to design them! Energy from the oceans, in the form of wind, sun, current or thermal source, can become a prominent player, for nearly all countries. Hydrogene or other smart carriers can provide an answer for local storage and distribution, but also for zero emission shipping, in combination with electric engine. The upcoming growth in offshore wind parks opens also opportunity to rethink the way we use ocean space. Multi-use in wind parks, by combining wind turbines with farming at sea, aquaculture or floating solar panels, can open new sustainable activities and new markets. Further reducing the energy need of ships by using wind assistance will participate obviously in making shipping cleaner. Last but not least, remaining amazed by the wonder of nature must keep us enthusiast and creative to develop smart concepts, to think new solutions. If you want to be part of this blue revolution, join us next May in Paris.