Wind characterisation still suffers from uncertainties regarding the spatial description associated with small-scale wind structures, such as orographic effects. At the same time, the definition of the shape of the vertical wind profile is still based on theories developed from ground-based observations. Thus, improving wind characterisation is crucial to reduce uncertainties in resource assessment and wind turbine design.

The CARAVELE project was set up to improve the characterisation of extreme winds by combining atmospheric models with satellite and in-situ observations. This webinar will focus on data-driven wind forecasting.



  • Context and objectives of the CARAVELE project – Jean-François Filipot, France Energies Marines
  • Analog forecasting applied to offshore renewable energies sector – Paul Platzer, Ifremer
  • Optimisation of sensors siting for offshore wind resource assessment – Maxime Thiébaut, France Energies Marines
  • Emulation of coastal wind using SAR data – Romain Husson, CLS
  • Characterisation of extreme winds (cyclones) using SAR data – Alexis Mouche, Ifremer
  • Interactive Q&A Session
  • Conclusion and perspectives – Bertrand Chapron, Ifremer