Conference Themes

  • Performance and condition monitoring
  • Quantitative SHM-based reliability, safety and perfor-mance assessment
  • Modelling and dealing with uncertainty in SHM data
  • Economic analysis of SHM strategies and benefits
  • Management of structures exceeding design life
  • Damage control, repair and strengthening
  • Damage detection
  • Modelling of operational and environmental influ-ences
  • Digital twin/SHM integra-tion
  • SHM-based design
  • Validation and certification
  • Design guidelines and codes
  • Signal processing
  • Big data in SHM
  • Real time monitoring
  • Standardization of SHM systems
  • Sensors and actuators for infrastructure instrumenta-tion
  • Sensor networks
  • Remote monitoring systems
  • Global system integration
  • Smart structures and mate-rials
  • Field applications and case studies
  • Critical issues in SHM
  • Visionary, disruptive and transformational concepts


Abstracts should be sent to, by the deadline of 23rd October 2018. Abstract format is available HERE.