Critical issues to solve, challenges to overcome

  • Secure Finance and Revenue Support – The Road to Cost-Effectiveness: Discover how Tidal Energy can minimise risk, prove cost competitiveness and evolve sector collaboration to secure private or public investments
  • Lower LCOE Through Technology Collaboration and Supply Chain Efficiency: Evaluate how the supply chain – from developers to suppliers – can standardise technology and adopt existing marine logistics from other sectors to help lower LCOE
  • Backing the Right Projects – Project Updates from Tidal Stream, Range and Lagoon: Get the latest project updates in leading Tidal projects across the UK, Europe, North America and Asia to understand what recent announcements will mean for the industry
  • Identify New Markets, Regions, and Opportunities to deploy your technology: Assess market conditions for expanding your business globally, the potential for Tidal Energy in nascent markets, and where Tidal technology and knowledge can be deployed in other industries
  • Slash Marine operations costs: Takeaway lessons learned from the Offshore Wind industry to reduce your operations costs at installation and O&M phases
  • Policy beyond 2020: How to overcome perceptions. Develop ambition and create positivity for the realisation of Tidal Energy to secure Government support