By learning from project experience and exploring research and prototypes, Offshore Wind Power Substations hopes to improve designs, simplify construction and reduce costs for the future of offshore energy transmission.
It is now time to have a detailed look at lessons learnt and define the room for improvement for the offshore wind industry.

The conference aims to:

  • Learn from utilities’ and TSOs’ latest project experiences
  • Discuss main cost drivers to develop realistic cost estimation for upcoming projects
  • Discover new electrical design concepts to improve reliability in offshore environments
  • Review substructures to optimise the choice of materials and installation
  • Explore potential weight savings to ease up installation
  • Hear about cost effective grid code compliant designs
  • Creating an O&M-friendly design and planning for future maintenance

Sponsors & Exhibitors:

STX Europe; Wasco

Media Partners:

InDepth WIND; Windpower Engineering;; Offshore Wind Industry