Working as a OEE Side Event

OPIN is organising a workshop at OEE2020 in conjunction with the OceanDEMO project. Both projects have been in operation since 2019, are Interreg NWE funded and have been engaged in providing novel and innovative supports to help the Ocean Energy (OE) sector address challenges for development and deployment.

Since inception, the OPIN project has built a network of over 380 companies from across ocean energy and related sectors to collaborate and address industry challenges. OPIN partners will update participants on their activities to date and will highlight the supports that OPIN members can access to both improve their own technology development as well as address joint challenges for the sector.

The OceanDEMO project partners will update on their progress to address significant challenges for the industry such as de-risking OE generating technologies in multi-device farm configuration, developing an active supply chain that invests in dedicated OE sub-systems and components, and creating a supportive policy environment for OE by providing governments with confidence in OE and highlighting OE’s economic benefits.


This OPIN-OceanDEMO online event is free of charge. To register for free to this OEE side event only, please register with the Side Events Pass.

This event is open to OPIN members.  If your organisation is not listed here, please fill out the following Membership Form. OPIN registration is quick, free and gives access to an international network of more than 200 members and activities dedicated to offshore renewable energy.