Agenda – 22 June 2021

A political vision for ocean energy
09:30 – 10:15

The EU Strategy on Offshore Renewable Energy is a landmark communication, setting a clear path for ocean energy. Rapid implementation of the text is now needed to reach its ambitious targets.
In this session, leading EU policymakers will share their vision for the ocean energy sector and discuss priorities to turn the Strategy into action.
Moderator: Rémi Gruet, CEO, Ocean Energy Europe 
Keynote addresses:

  • Catharina Sikow-Magny, Director, DG ENER, European Commission
  • Morten Petersen, MEP, European Parliament
  • Ciaran Cuffe, MEP, European Parliament

Pilot farms: a pathway to 2025
10:15 – 11:45

Moderator: Donagh Cagney, Policy Director, Ocean Energy Europe 

  • Rémi Collombet, Senior Policy Officer, Ocean Energy Europe (OEE) – Key findings of OEE’s ‘Target 2025’ analysis
  • Guillaume Gréau, Head of Business Development, HydroQuest – A multi-MW tidal array to harness the power of the Raz Blanchard
  • Patrik Möller, CEO, CorPower Ocean – Bringing wave energy to the pilot farm stage
  • Michael Bullock & Joe Hulm, Renewable Risk Advisers – Launch of the Insurance and Warranty Fund report: A new initiative to de-risk innovation and secure private investment

Getting everyone in the same boat: Coordinating support 
11:45 – 12:55

This session brings together the European Commission, Member States and investors to discuss what is needed to achieve the Strategy’s deployment objectives.
Moderator: Donagh Cagney, Policy Director, Ocean Energy Europe 
A panel discussion with:

  • Vincent Berrutto, Head of Unit, DG ENER, European Commission (tbc)
  • Hélène Chraye, Head of Unit, DG RTD, European Commission
  • Wolfgang d’Innocenzo, Energy Attaché, Italian Permanent Representation
  • Patricia Comiskey, Programme Manager Ocean Energy, Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI)
  • Diego Pavia, CEO, InnoEnergy


Conclusions and next steps
12:55 – 13:00

Donagh Cagney, Policy Director, Ocean Energy Europe