The program will have a limited number of parallel oral sessions as well as poster presentations. All papers (oral and poster) will be subjected to a two-stage peer-review process (review of both abstracts and full papers). The conference proceedings will be published by IOP in the open-access Journal of Physics: Conference Series (JPCS).

Find below the complete program:



AA. Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics Philippe Chatelain (UCL)
Takis Chaviaropoulos (NTUA)
Carlos Simao Ferreira (TUDelft)
Flemming Rasmussen (DTU)
CM. Control and Monitoring Ervin Bossanyi (DNV GL)
Po Wen Cheng (USTUTT)
Paul Fleming (NREL)
Jan-Willem van Wingerden (TUDelft)
DSE. Design, System Engineering and New Concepts Carlo L. Bottasso (TUM)
Katherine Dykes (NREL)
Joshua A. Paquette (SANDIA)
Frederik Zahle (DTU)
WWT. Wind, Wakes and Turbulence Stefan Ivanell (Uppsala)
Fernando Porté-Agel (EPFL)
Jens Nørkær Sørensen (DTU)
Spyros Voutsinas (NTUA)
MST. Modeling and Simulation Technology Morten Hartvig Hansen (DTU)
Jason Jonkman (NREL)
Michael Muskulus (NTNU)
Vasilis Riziotis (NTUA)
MET. Measurement and Experimental Techniques Sandrine Aubrun (EC Nantes)
Martin Kühn (ForWind-OL)
Jakob Mann (DTU)
Gerard Schepers (ECN)