The objective of this project is to continue the work of Corentin Humeau (PhD thesis of the University of Nantes, 2017), within the framework of an ONR (Office of Naval Research) project, in order to develop predictive models for composite materials in coupled conditions. The coupling here results in the exposure of the composite to immersion in water under mechanical loading. These conditions accelerate the development of the damage compared to uncoupled conditions usually taken into account (water aging followed by mechanical loading). However, the EMR structures in service undergo coupled conditions, and it is therefore essential to develop predictive tools that take them into account.

The CEAUCOMP project was carried out within the framework of WEAMEC, with funding from la CARENE.

The project is expected to provide numerical predictive tools of the lifetime of composite structures for EMR applications. These simulations should reduce the inspection and maintenance of parts in service.

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