Here are just 4 reasons you can’t miss the Electric City event:

1. This event will bring the wind industry together to make the most of the unprecedented window of opportunity we have

The European Green Deal and the EU’s Recovery Strategy from the COVID-19 crisis clearly puts the green transition as the main driver of economic recovery and Europe’s future growth and prosperity.

The Recovery Strategy singles out wind energy as one of the ‘policy fundamentals of the recovery’. And the EU wants wind to be half of Europe’s electricity by 2050. That means huge investments, jobs and growth.

Wind is ready to deliver. The industry gathering in Copenhagen is the ideal place to draw up a clear strategy on how we make the most of this moment.

2. Literally everyone who is anyone in the wind industry will be there

Put simply, the entire value chain – onshore and offshore – will be at Electric City. As at all our previous events, you will be able to meet and hear from top policymakers, alongside everyone from CEOs to SMOs, experts in technology and finance, leading voices from policy and academia, start-ups and students, and much more.

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3. But you’ll also get to meet the new partners with whom we build the new energy system

The EU wants massive volumes of wind to help decarbonise Europe’s energy mix. This means the electrification of transport, heating & cooling, and industrial processes.

But mass electrification demands more than wind energy alone: we need to build new partnerships with other industries to make it happen. That’s why you will also meet players from the worlds of storage, hybrids, shipping, mobility, the automotive sector, and many other industries eager to green their power mix.

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4. And you can do all of this at one event, in one place

All the classic WindEurope event features will be there in Copenhagen: the Gala Dinner, the Members’ Reception, the stand parties, the product launches, the surprise announcements.

What’s unique is the sheer return on investment this event brings: not only do you get to meet the entire value chain under one roof, but every euro put into this event goes back into WindEurope’s campaigning work as the voice of the wind industry, fighting for your interests on a national and international level.

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