The deadline to submit your abstract is 18 March 2022 (portal closes at 23:55 CET). The outcome of the call for abstracts will be communicated in early May 2022.

General requirements – for all topics

  • Innovative content: abstracts should contain new work, not yet published.
  • No commercial content please: overtly commercial abstracts will be rejected.
  • Contribution to industry knowledge: abstracts should strive to present data or results that can contribute to bringing the industry forward.
  • The correct topic should be selected to ensure correct scoring. The content of the abstract must be topic related. It is the responsibility of the submitter to ensure that abstracts are submitted under the correct topic. The programme committee is aware that some of the topics might overlap with one and another, it will be taken into account when reviewing and during the build-up of the programme. In the meantime, please select the category that would be closer to your abstract.
  • 500 words maximum per abstract

The list of topics:

Resource Assessment

  • Topic 1: Uncertainty in data analysis, processing and modelling
  • Topic 2: Measurements: innovative solutions
  • Topic 3: Improving tools, simulations and modelling
  • Topic 4: Effects of wind farms and turbines on flow and meteorology (Wakes & blockage)
  • Topic 5: Advancement in Wind Atlas and modelling across scales
  • Topic 6: Impacts of Climate Change on Resource and extremes
  • Topic 7: Wind Turbine considerations for resource assessment and lifetime assessment
  • Topic 8: Resource assessment for repowering wind farms: specific methodologies and use of Scada data
  • Topic 9: Specific consideration for resource assessment for Floating Wind

Analysis of Operating Wind Farms

  • Topic 1: Innovative Control strategies: Single WTG VS. Plant operation optimization
  • Topic 2: Noise and other curtailment strategies
  • Topic 3: Birds & Bats collision deterrent systems
  • Topic 4: AEP increase through wind turbine reparameterisation
  • Topic 5: Predictive maintenance with data mining for operating assets
  • Topic 6: Lifecycle assessment using SCADA data

Artificial Intelligence, Business Models and Forecasting

  • Topic 1: All about Data, dealing with big data, machine learning and time-series
  • Topic 2: Wind projects business model decisions (including permitting issues)
  • Topic 3: Wind Power Forecasting and optimised use of forecasts in applications
  • Topic 4: Long term weather forecast
  • Topic 5: Predictive to Prescriptive maintenance strategy


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