Scientific advances and innovation

It’s give more opportunity to investigate optical fiber solution for SHM for MRE. This kind of sensor is really interesting because optical fiber is insensitive to marine environment and electromagnetic field (generators, electrical cables,…).

Expected technical and economic impact

From a technical point of view, the interrogation system is mature (TRL 9). The technical needs are in the development of adapted sensors to Marine and MRE applications and environment.

Key project milestones

  • December 2017 - Purchase
  • January 2018 - Equipment set-up
  • During 2018 - Use of the set-up


The set-up has been exploited for making some measurements on the instrumentation made on the Harbor of Saint-Nazaire. One Publication have alredy been submitted.

The set-up is today used for making calibration on optical fiber sensor bought by Nantes University and to make the calibration of the “Sentinel” 3D sensor developped for making the monitoring of concrete in civil engineering especially in marine application.

It will be nearly used for the test on th Grout set-up test in the project SHM-OWTGrout.

Publications and papers published

One paper submitted about results measurement on the instrumentation on the Harbor of Saint-Nazaire.