Scientific advances and innovation

The grid connection of the generation is taken into account for the control synthesis and not only for a posteriory validations of the closed-loop. The proposed control model directly captures the characteristics of the AC grid to which the generator has to be connected. This allows better performances and robustness but also the possibility to adapt the controls to the grid evolutions. To ensure this, a new control approach will be proposed. Its philosophy, form and implementation are different from the ones of the classic vector control.

Expected technical and economic impact

COMEOL is a multi-field project : automatic control – for the synthesis of the control laws – and power systems&electronics for the grid and generator/converters part.

The companies involved in this project will better manage the grid connection of the wind generation.

Key project milestones

  • June 2017 - First proposition of control methodology
  • December 2017 - First implementation/hardware in the loop validation


A control for a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator (PMSG) was developed.

First, a model for the full system (generator + back-to-back connection to the grid +grid) was developed. As a high level control was proposed, an analytic model had to be developed to serve as control model.

Next, a new robust control was proposed. It is a full state feedback which directly takes into account the short-circuit power of the grid to which the generator is connected. This allowed us to increase robustness against variations of the grid operating point and rejection of usual grid disturbances (like distant short-circuits, voltage dips). As a consequence, the generator can stay connected to the grid during these disturbances and thus better participate to grid ancillary services.

Publications and papers published

Communications in international conferences with proceedings:

Converter Nonlinear Fuzzy Control of PMSG-Based for Wind Energy System in Network Context, Elkhatib Kamal and Bogdan Marinescu, Actes de 2019 IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Europe (ISGTEurope), Bucarest-Romania, July 2019.