ROBOVIB robotic test station from Polytec:

  • LASER Scanning Vibrometer PSV-500-3D Xtra
  • Industrial robot (KUKA) KR 120 R3500K Prime

LASER scanning Vibrometer PSV-500-3D:

  • 100 kHz frequency band
  • Resolution up to 0.03 µm.s-1 √Hz
  • Vibration speed up to 10 m.s-1

Excitation systems:

  • Vibration pots: 10N to 1000N
  • Classic and automatic impact hammers

Complementary measurement systems:

  • Force, impedance and force sensors
  • Infrared thermal camera
  • Fast camera
  • Holographic acoustic antennas and path formation


The 3DVIB robotized 3D Laser Vibrometer platform is a versatile equipment allowing to validate models and to optimize large dimensional structures from vibration measurements in the 3 directions.

The platform offers an offer adapted to industrial prospects and enables R&D work to be carried out, in particular:

  • The performance of structural dynamics tests
  • The realization of complete 3D vibration mapping
  • Analysis of operational deformities
  • Experimental modal analyses
  • Order analyses
  • NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) quantification
  • The development of new methods for characterizing complex materials and structures
  • The development of large structural non-destructive testing methods
  • Diagnosis before/after fatigue test

Example of MRE applications

The 3DVIB robotized 3D Laser Vibrometer platform allows dynamic tests of large parts or structures. Thus, it can be used to perform complete 3D vibration analyses of composite and/or metallic parts and structures used in the field of MRE, like the blades of wind turbines that are getting bigger and bigger with the increased power of turbines:

  • Conduct a fine 3D vibration analysis
  • Feeding and repositioning dynamic numerical behaviour models

These tests contribute to the response to industrial challenges such as:

  • Lightening of structures (design assistance)
  • Reliability of structures
  • Functionalization of structures