• 9 controlled climatic chambers covering a large panel of marine environments: 5 for Temperature (-70+180°,600 L; 25°C – 300°C, 52 l; 25°C- 250°C, 30l; 2x(25°C- 250°C, 25l), 3 Humidity and Temperature (60°C / + 180°C,  10% RH / 98% RH), (size 700 l, 10°C / + 100°C,  10% RH / 98% RH), 1 Salt Spay (T 20° – 75°C, Cl- (0,4 l Salt/h), RH, 1130 l).
  • 2 large scale tidal basins (2 of 0.5 x 3 x 0.3 m): control of salinity, measure of T and a set of small scale boxes.
  • 1 big scale tidal basin (1m x 4m x 2 m) : control of salinity, wind, measure of T.
  • One hyper-bar sea-water and mechanical testing caisson for deep water (until 100 m): 400l.
  • Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) in humid and immersed environments and coupled Transfer-Mechanical testing.
  • A set of commercial or lab-developed optical sensors, electric gauges and all the corresponding devices including high-resolution image processing, Gas Permeameter (range 10-13 m2 to 10-20m2), Permeameter Torrent for non destructive testing of permeability, cells (x10) of chloride natural diffusion or electrical migration.


  • Destructive and non destructive testing of composite blades, concrete samples, iron or steel samples, in immersed, tidal environment;
  • Propagation of chlorides in materials;
  • Test of new repair materials.

Example of MRE applications

  • Testing of coupons and composite blades submitted to diffusion and loading processes
  • Propagation of chlorides in concrete for wharves and fixed or floating wind turbines.