Specific skills in the MRE field

The CDMO is able to answer and carry out legal studies relating to the status of MRE, their location and their exploitation, the uses and conflicts of use that their presence may raise, the status of persons maintaining these facilities.

Products or services in MRE

The CDMO is able to carry out studies aimed at the regulation applicable to MRE and according to the expectations of proposing either technical expertise on applicable law, or from a research and development perspective to think about innovative solutions.

The Center for Research and Expertise in Marine Spaces and Maritime Activities Law carries out work and produces publications related to the marine environment, in particular to MRE. Internship offers and research dissertations can be offered to students.

Projects in MRE

The CDMO, as a research center, is responsible for research, development and dissemination of knowledge. As such, the research themes and themes of the CDMO are evolving to respond to societal, technological and regulatory issues. CDMO’s interest in EMRs is part of this dynamic. It is more particularly a question of studying the regulations in force and its evolution in order to better know it and to accompany the different actors.