Specific skills in the MRE field

  • Multibody modeling with robotics formalism, coupled with hydrodynamics interactions and large deformation cable models
  • Marine platform control & dynamic positionning expertise
  • Machine’s control optimization in order to increase performances and lifetime

Test facilities applicable to MRE

  • Complex hydrodynamics modelisations (with FRyDoM tool)
  • Advanced and acurate sensors (IMU, GPS, bathymetry, etc)
  • Marine platform

Products or services in MRE

  • Simulation of marine operations
  • Expertise and commitment for DP systems review and design of marine operations
  • Machines’ performance optimization

Projects in MRE

FRyDoM: development of an innovative and disruptive framework for the simulation of complex dynamic systems for Marine Renewable Energies.

SOFTWIND: Development of an experimental platform dedicated to the model testing of floating wind turbine in a wave basin through a software-in-the-loop approach

ECOSFARM: Development of a simulation tool for the evaluation of the control strategies of tidal and wind turbine farms.

cRIO-EMR: An embedded controller for a real time management of servo controls on MRE models tested at Centrale Nantes hydrodynamic facilities.