Specific skills in the MRE field

  • Design and manufacture of structures:
    • Welding, finishing composites completion: IRT Jules Verne HOBIT project
    • Tooling development to minimize production costs.
    • Small series of specific parts: composite foils for 1/50 scale EOLINK, tests at IFREMER Brest
    • Surface preparation of metals, hammering, shot blasting
  • Equipment and structure monitoring by vibratory techniques, integration of sensors including fiber optics in composite structures: IRT Jules Vernes EVEREST project

Test facilities applicable to MRE

Material means:

  • CATIA V5 stations
  • Autoclave (1,5x4m useful), drying rooms
  • Air-conditioned gray room, cold room


Products or services in MRE

Services in / ex-situ:

  • Part & tooling design
  • Characterization of materials / processes (cycles, thicknesses, CND, mechanical tests …)
  • Manufacturing
    • Formatting (draping, RTM, Infusion, Stamping …)
    • Adding functionality
    • Polymerization (ambient, oven, autoclave)
    • Machining
    • Assembly
    • Testing on specimens
  • Industrial transfer on customer or supplier site

Projects in MRE

Related projects