Scientific advances and innovation

The technological challenges raised:
  • Development of mechanical and hydrodynamic reliability modelling tools for marine structures.
  • Development of a hollow composite sheet planing method to automate preforming for variable thicknesses from 10 to 60 mm.
  • Development of an innovative manufacturing of high volume and low cost process as innovative tools equipped with heating means and sensors.
  • Targeted production rate: 1000 pieces / year.
  • Realization of 1/7, 1/3 and full scale truncated hollow blades in one shot with integrated stiffener.
  • Development of a resistant and durable coating with severe conditions.

Expected technical and economic impact

The development of this solution is part of a need for industrial application whose annual production potential is of the order of several thousand pieces.

The manufacturing cost of the pale is low if the technique is developed for a large series.

The blade is made in one piece getting rid of bonded joint and so eliminates a recurring weakness of this type of part and thus allows to consider reduced maintenance costs.

Key project milestones

  • March 2015 - Beginning of the project
  • February 2017 - End of the project


A prototype scale 1 of 2.2 tons, 7 m height and 2.5 m width was realized.


  • Development of an innovative one-shot process for hollow parts
  • Promising economic and technical analysis (RTM process): Weight : – 20%/Cycle time : – 25 %

The prototype has validated the process which notably eliminates the assembly and gluing steps for the production of the part and makes it possible to co-mold metal inserts (flanges). It should allow the production of blades in series up to 1000 pieces / year at low cost to meet the needs of the marine renewable energy market.