Specific skills in the MRE field

  • Design, development and exploitation of far-offshore wind energy solutions based on the energy ship technology

Test facilities applicable to MRE

The core technology in FARWIND energy solutions is the energy ship, which is an autonomous sailing ship propelled by wind. The ship’s kinetic energy is converted to electricity by hydrokinetic turbines attached to the hull.

Tests of the energy ship prototype on Lake Vioreau in July 2021

The tests were performed on a 1/14th scale prototype. It is a catamaran equipped with a hydrokinetic turbines and a Flettner rotor. The Flettner rotor is a rotating sail system that is particularly efficient with cross wind, and today equips more and more trading vessels in the context of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from maritime transport. The prototype was remotely control from an accompanying vessel.

In a wind of about 8 knots consistent with the size of the demonstrator, Farwind Energy alongside Centrale Nantes and as part of a WEAMEC project supported by the Pays de la Loire Region, validated the performance of the remote control, the maneuverability of the ship, and its ability to produce energy. The results confirm that for a full scale ship (80m long) the supplied electric power would be more than 2MW in classic wind conditions. Given the capacity factor for these equipment the electrical energy produced annually (10GWh) would, for example, allows the production of green hydrogen at a very competitive cost.

Recordings of the tests