Specific skills in the MRE field

  • Design, manufacture and sale of a wide variety of cast iron products.
  • Specific development of a range of shells to protect & ballast submarine cables.
  • Own development of a range of clump weight for anchoring lines.

Test facilities applicable to MRE

  • Lifting test bench.
  • Tensile and bending test bench of the protecting shells for submarine cables.
  • Tools for the analysis of submarines equipments stability.

Products or services in MRE

  • Grey iron ballast for gravity bases and floating structures.
  • Components in grey iron of anchoring lines such as clump weight and gravity anchors.
  • Stabilizing submarine cables components such as shells to protect & ballast and gravity anchors/deadweight/pipe bridge/weighting saddle.

Projects in MRE

  • IBOCS – Validation of a design of shells to protect & ballast submarine cables. Project supported by S2E2 in partnership with INNOSEA and the GeM Laboratory from Nantes University.
  • CLUMP WEIGHT – Determination of a resilient design for offshore, notably for the floating offshore wind market.